Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Crazy, Chaotic Life

So much has happened the last few weeks! In the matter of a single day last month, our lives went from busy to chaotic. It seems like we are always on the go, and even when we are home, we are working our tails off. Since it's getting late, here's a few of the things we've been up to:

-Mike and his company got their first lab funded, which is currently being built. Hence the reason our lives are so chaotic at the moment! Mike is also working with a few more investors, so hopefully they will have funding for the next few labs soon! This was the evening the first truck arrived (the lab is currently being built inside this):
Most of the Board of Directors. From L to R: Mike, Jim (the Boss), Mike, Sean, and Mike. Yes, Mike works with a lot of Mikes!
-I am now the 'official' photographer for Mikes company. This pretty much entails me documenting day by day progress of the lab, until the sensitive technology is installed. I also take shots of various fields when we go out to the farm where they ran their first set of tests on their product. Pretty much I go into the office with Mike, camera in hand, and take pictures of whatever is needed that day.
-On top of doing that, I am also beginning to get SUPER busy with my regular bookings. Prime example: next week I have a shoot on Monday, one Tuesday morning, and another Tuesday evening. The rest of the week I'll be shooting for Mike's company for a good portion of each day. And it's only going to get busier!

-Sabrina (Mike's sister), had her baby girl last week, Paige Jennifer. We are all absolutely smitten with her! We are pretty excited to have another niece to spoil. Sabrina had me help with Paige's newborn shoots earlier this week, which was so much fun. You can bet I made sure to get some cuddle time in with Paige!
 -In other news, we finally figured out what we hope (and quite frankly feel), is the last piece to the puzzle in regards to our infertility. Come to find out, this last bit is all tied back to my first miscarriage and the trauma my body experienced. As a result, it has made it harder to conceive as well as to maintain pregnancies since. Among other issues. So, we began working on getting this fixed this week. I can already tell you it's not necessarily a pleasant process. We started on Thursday, and I have felt quite uncomfortable ever since.  Here I thought my body had *finally* rebounded from my latest miscarriage! Ha. I couldn't have been more wrong. But, it's good to know the final root of the issue is getting fixed. So no matter how uncomfortable (and at times painful) it is, I am completely and totally willing to do it. I will do a post later and delve a little deeper as to what is going on, but quite honestly, right now I can't wait to get in bed and fall asleep! So, on that note, have a good one everyone! And Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. Here's one more picture I took last weekend for your viewing pleasure: :)

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