Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life Lately

I know my posts have been pretty sporatic lately, but life happens! We're finally sickness-free and gearing up for a trip to Idaho to see the fam! It is going to be a busy trip. Three portrait/family shoots and I'm photographing Sugar-Salem's Distinguished Young Women program (formerly called America's Jr. Miss) on Friday and Saturday! Then, the day after we get back, I have yet another event booked. It's gonna be a crazy week and a half, but oh so fun!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to photograph Sugar's DYW program! This year's group of girls were the first group we did when my mom and I started the new Be Your Best Self activity when I was Jr. Miss! I can't believe they were in sixth grade then, and are now doing the program! Time FLIES! Has it already been five years? Sheesh! I can't say it enough, (and strongly believe) EVERY high school girl that has the chance (in her Junior year) should participate in this program! It certainly changed my life, and I met so many amazing women and gained amazing friends through participating. I always tell girls even if I hadn't won I would have had no regrets and would still tell them to participate. Winning was just a HUGE added bonus! Okay, enough of my soapbox. I could ramble on about the program and the BYBS platform for days. :-) In the meantime, here's a look at how gorgeous Spring has been this year! I can't get enough of it! I am in no hurry for the 90+ degree heat of summer.

*C* Family Portraits

It has been an absolutely gorgeous spring this year! I'm loving this weather. Last week I got the chance to photograph this adorable family! They are moving to Oregon this weekend and wanted pictures done before they left, so we squeezed some time in before finals hit for them!

 I loved these two! They were so cute and so much fun to work with!

Mr. J decided he had had enough of Mom and Dad kissing him after about two frames! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life Lately & *J* and *M* Family Portraits

We have been pretty busy around these parts lately. Some of it fun, some of it, well, not so fun. Photo shoots are starting to pick up for me, Mike is approaching final exams, and we're both getting over being sick. The last two weeks have been especially sickness-ridden. Mike with a cold and sore throat, and me with a nasty cold, strep, AND bronchitis, all hitting at the same. time. It has been great fun. Highly recommended. *Cough, cough.* I was cursing the late bronchitis season this year, and the fact I was not lucky enough to escape it like last year (it's the one sickness I have always caught faster than a wildfire). Who wants to be stuck in bed for a week and a half when it's sunny and eighty degrees outside? Not me!

Unfortunately, this meant I was sick during General Conference, and wasn't able to get much out of it because I was so sick and pumped full of medicine. So, I don't remember much, sadly. But from the few talks I do remember, it was great, as usual! I'm so glad they post the talks online so soon! But, we're *finally* on the mend! In the meantime, here's some pictures of a few of the shoots I've had this last month...just a few!
 Thr *J* Family.
Their little guy - Mr. C we'll call him - was so easy to get smiles from, and so cute!
 The *M* family. I actually went to high school with her, and love her and her little guy! I'm so blessed to have a friend like her. :-)
Mr. E knows how to show off for the camera! It doesn't help that his mom is a photographer too of course!
 Mr. E saw a someone who had balloons, and managed to work his charm in getting one from them. He was pretty proud of himself too! One of his favorite movies is UP, so naturally, he LOVES balloons!
 I've been loving the Spring flowers!

April is shaping up to be even busier! I've managed to book every weekend for photo shoots, some during the week, and we have a trip to Idaho at the end of the month, where I have even more shoots lined up while we're up there, including a two day long event (it's a 90% sure thing, I'm just waiting to hear the final confirmation by the end of the week! So excited!). So, if you see me at the end of the month with a slight crazy glint to my eyes, you'll know why. ;-)