Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jada and Amanda's Portraits

The week before Jada went into the MTC, she, my mom, and Amanda came down to visit! Of course we had to fit in a photo shoot, so here are just a few of the shots.
 There are a ton more, but I figured I won't overload this post with them.. I did have a hard time choosing which ones to post and which ones not to! The last shot of Amanda is one of my favorites of the day. I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She'll be *dating* in a few years.. Unless I have something to say about it! ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Last Ski Adventure of the Season!

 We spent the weekend in Park City hitting the slopes for what was probably the last time of the season for us. Our weekends are pretty busy until the end of April from here on out, and after about 11:30 we were skiing on a slush/ice mix, which isn't too much fun. Although the weather was fantastic! I could have been in just a light jacket and been okay.. 
 Ben is finally skiing with the adults part of the day this year.. He was rockin it!
 Syd and Alyssa are all about the speed nowadays. And moguls, in Alyssa's case.
This is the only halfway decent picture of me the entire day. I was telling Mike to get farther down the hill and use zoom so he could get some good shots of me clipping down the run. Instead, he just sat about 20 feet away from me not really listening, meaning all pictures were of me trying to get him to go down farther as I was SLOWLY going down the run. We REALLY need to work on those photog skills of his. Oh well. :) 

Once we got home, I crashed. Completely. When we were on the slopes, I started not feeling too well around 10, but I brushed it off, hoping I wasn't feeling the start of the flu coming on. By time it was 1:00 and we were back at the house packing up to come home, I could barely keep my balance, let alone function. Combine that with two hours of sleep the night before, and it wasn't a good mix. 

As soon as I got us unpacked after we came back to Orem, I went from bad, to worse. To put a long story short, I got one of the worst forms of food poisoning you could possibly get. So, Saturday evening and all day Sunday were miserable, at best. I have never been so sick in my life! To top it off, by yesterday afternoon, I was severely dehydrated. So that was fun. Mike was fantastic though. If it wouldn't have been for him, I would have been heaps worse and probably would have landed myself in the hospital last night. What did I ever do without him? Anyway, today has been better, I'm still extremely weak and dealing with the lingering effects of dehydration, but on the upswing. In other news, I think next season I'm going to bring out the skis for the first time in ten years! Eek! I can't wait to pick it up again, but I'm going to be really rusty.. But it will be awesome. :-D

Monday, March 5, 2012

SLC Olympics Anniversary

Things have been INSANE around here lately, so while I have a few spare minutes, here's more from the Olympic anniversary a few weekends ago.

We went up with Mike's mom, and rendezvoused with his dad for a quick and early dinner at Applebee's at the Gateway mall. Afterwards, we headed to the area where all the activity was going on, and we got sucked into things.. Quite literally. But it was so much fun! We (as in mostly me, Mike already knew most of the people) met quite a few SLOC members, former and current Olympians, Governor Leavitt and his wife, among others. It was actually quite fun being a part of it and seeing this side of things, since my family wasn't able to make it down for the actual Olympics because my mom broke her ankle and had to have surgery on it while they were going on. I couldn't believe that things were even crazier for Mike and his family, especially his parents, during the Olympics, because things were SUPER busy during the anniversary celebrations! Fraser told me this was nothing, and that the few weeks leading up to and during the celebrations 10 years ago, it was ten times crazier. I can't even imagine!
 It didn't take long for people to stop us, wanting Fraser's autograph..
 Mike was excited to meet up with Jimmy Shea again and do some catching up. (They got to know each other pretty well during past Olympic events.) I gotta admit, I was pretty excited myself. It was fun talking for a bit...super nice guy and great sense of humor! He would have talked to us longer, but people started growing impatient after 10 minutes and interrupted us to get his autograph..
 Guys from the US Olympic trampoline team

 Governor Leavitt and his wife (LOVED her - her smile and enthusiasm is contagious. She's one of those people you can't help but feel happy around), Jennifer, Fraser, and athletes from the 2002 games
 Watching clips from the games
Fraser addressing the crowd and thanking any volunteers from the Games who were there and how they advertised volunteer positions with the slogan, "Hard work. Long hours. No pay. Better hurry!"

After Fraser was done speaking, we headed to a reunion for former SLOC members and athletes, and Fraser introduced Mitt as the key speaker. Mitt saw us as he was walking in, caught Mike's eye, and seemed surprised to see Mike (he gave Mike a double thumbs up haha). 
 After Mitt was done speaking, he talked to some of the SLOC members in the crowd, and briefly spoke to Mike (he was short on time, otherwise it would have been a little longer), who introduced me to him. (Just putting this plug in, but Mitt is totally the guy we need in Washington right now!! Keep him and Ann in your prayers!)

Once Mitt was done and he, Ann, Fraser, and Jennifer left to go do a few more things before Stars on Ice, Mike and I headed over to Barnes and Noble to burn a few minutes before we had to head over as well.

The program was fantastic! We got front row seats, right on the ice. And, since Fraser was over the event, I got to take my camera in, which usually doesn't happen! (LONG story cut really short - they originally made me check in my camera and would not let me have it back until they learned we were Fraser's kids and he wanted me to have my camera...haha. There are FEW times in life I am snobby, and that was one of them!) The pictures are coming, I promise!!

In my opinion, the program could have gone on another hour and I would have loved it! The final skaters were David Pelletier and Jamie Sale, the Canadian pair who should have won gold but got silver because the French judge had been bribed, but were later awarded the gold medal in the 2002 Games. They did NOT disappoint! Their performance not only got a standing ovation, but brought down the roof.

Anyway, everyone cleared out pretty quickly once the last number concluded. Since Mike and I came with Jennifer, we stayed around for a bit and mixed and mingled with others as well as a few more athletes.
Mike and Chris Waddell, the most decorated paralympic skiier in history, and an all around great guy. 

We also went backstage with the parentals because Fraser wanted to thank a few of the performers for doing such a fantastic job as we were leaving.
 Us and Sarah Hughes, 2002 Gold Medalist
All of us with Sarah Hughes and Scott Hamilton

It was a long and hectic day, but so much fun!
And thanks mom and dad for letting us tag along the whole day!