Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Results Are In!

Some good news. About pregnancy stuff. Finally. Not what you'd think though.. I had a blood test done to check all my pituitary hormone levels and progesterone to see if by some chance they were abnormal. Well, I got a call from the Dr.'s office first thing this morning with the results...everything looks fine! I can't even tell you how that made my day, maybe even my week. One less thing to constantly worry about! Now it's just a 10-12 day wait to see if I finally get a BFP again.. Time will tell...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I May Not Be in School BUT...

I'm still a Cougar at heart. And I love Rivalry Week. And I love it even more when we beat Utah. It's time to get some revenge for last year. Remind those Utes once again what it's like to play on our turf. Should be a good game.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

August in Review

After an insane month...I'm back! At least I hope so.  
Here's our last six weeks in a nutshell:
Mike sent an email to Bill O'Reilly, and to his surprise Mr. O read it on his show! 
Thanks for making Mike's day week Mr. O!
 Mike's Grandpa passed away August 18, just 8 days shy of his 92nd birthday. It was great to see everyone again, but sad that Grandpa wasn't there. He will be missed, but we are so grateful for the knowledge that families are forever!
The Evan and Grace Bullock family. Minus a few (including us) who had to leave early.
Canning. This is what I did for my mom alone. Grand total thus far for amount of produce canned in the space of 3 weeks: 278 jars of peaches, pears, applesauce, apple pie filling, sweet zucchini relish, golden plum jam, and salsa. Whew. It's nice to have my kitchen back.
Mike decided to make Rice a Roni fried rice for lunch...in the microwave. Well, he didn't know that fried rice gets *really* hot really fast, so you have to use a glass dish if you want to make it that way. After two minutes, he checked on it, and as soon as he pulled the bowl out, the bottom gave way. All I could do is laugh. Needless to say, he didn't eat fried rice.
 I got a new camera to use for my photography classes. I can't wait to get this photography shindig going in full swing! I'm loving it! Just don't judge any of these photos too much, because they are *totally* unedited right now! And, I need to get a few better lenses (aka telephoto zoom, wide-angle, and macro) after I save up a little, ok maybe a lot more.
 We are always looking for cheap things to do for date nights. Tonight we went up Provo Canyon and walked around for a bit. Simple, but we had fun!
 Have I told you lately how much I'm in love with this man? Well I'm kinda crazy about him. Just in case you were wondering.
A few other things that happened which I don't have photos of:

-Mike's Grandma Smith passed away and we had her funeral last Friday. What an amazing and sweet lady she was! We love and miss her!!
-Mike's test results from the MRI of his neck: bulging disk.
-Mike finally got over the bug we both caught while we were in Island Park. It only took him four weeks to start feeling better.
-Mike came down with Strep last Thursday. And is still getting over it. It will be a miracle when we can keep him healthy for longer than a two day stretch.
-School started for Mike. And he's doing great!
-I got a blood test done to check my progesterone and pituitary hormone levels to hopefully get some answers and bring a little closure as to why I've miscarried twice. And so we can know if we need to do anything when I get pregnant again. The results should be back tomorrow... We're also having another semen test done on Mike just to see if there are any changes for the better that way..
-I injured my shoulder. It was so bad that even when I laid down the pain didn't recede in the slightest, even with medication. So, I haven't been able to run or lift weights for two weeks. Ugh. But, it's finally healed enough to where I can start running again! It's not completely healed yet, so weights are having to wait until next week..

Whew. I think that's all. Or at least most of it. The only big thing we have is Mike's appointment at Huntsman Cancer Institute next week for his cancer scans/checkup. We're hoping and praying everything is still good...he found a hard lymph node in his neck a week and a half ago, which is making us a little nervous, but we're hoping it's nothing; we're still definitely going to have them check it out. Oh, and we are also trying to still figure out what in the world is going on with his thyroid. Doctors appointments seem to be ruling our life lately! Sigh. But, life is still good, despite all the craziness. Now on to a hopefully less busy month!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye August

We're still alive. Promise. One thing is for sure, August was a  month full of ups and downs, with hardly any time to stop and breathe! From my parents coming to visit not once, but twice, to two of Mike's grandparents passing on, to lots of work and canning, to school starting, it's been a busy one. September has been a very welcome sight. I'll share more later of all the goings-on, but for now I think I'd better clean up the mess in the kitchen and hit the bed. In the meantime, here's something to brighten your day:
Our niece, Abby. How could you not smile with this little one around? I mean seriously, they don't come any cuter!