Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One of *Those* Days...

I feel like I can sympathize with poor old Wile E.. Everything that could go wrong for Mike and me today, did go wrong. It all started when three out of the four buses I ride to and from campus were late, slow, and stuck in traffic. Then it was physics day for class - yuck. At least I didn't have my lab, that was a plus, so I got to go home FOUR hours early. Anyway, I got home, and we had to take Mike's mom's Mercedes in to get a cargo carrier installed. On the way, we got stuck in traffic so bad it was stopped because of two nasty accidents off the 1600 north overpass, so we got off and went the back routes, which were just as jammed with traffic. Then, when we were in Highland, we realized we had left the credit card behind, but couldn't turn around because it had taken us 45 minutes to get to Highland, when it normally takes 20 minutes max, and that's in rush hour. So, we got the Mercedes, took it into the dealership (got there 30 minutes after our scheduled appointment time), had them drive us back to our apartment, got the card, came back, waited an hour and a half (we were told it would only take 30-45 minutes to install), drove back to Mike's parent's smack dab in the *middle* of *rush hour*, and dropped off the car. On our way home, Mike realized that he forgot to drop off his dad's credit card at the house again, as well as the key to the Mercedes, but we were halfway home already, so decided to drop them off tomorrow.

Then, here's the topper of it all - we had to deposit our monthly check and check for Mike's tuition and books. So, we pull up to the teller, give them our checks, next thing we know we're being told the tuition check would have to have a 2 day hold placed on it (since it was the larger amount) because our account had gone into overdraft! WHAT?!? We were floored because 1. We have NEVER gone into overdraft, and 2. BYU had just refunded me my excess grant money, therefore leaving us PLENTY of mulah in the bank. After finding out what charges had been placed on our account, we learned it had been hacked and completely drained of money, AND our overdraft protection. Oh, and BYU charged me THREE, yes THREE times for some textbooks I bought this week, making it to where a $33 charge was turned into a $100 charge. So, needless to say Mike spent some time on the phone reporting the fraudulent charges (which was no small amount), and canceling his card. Thank goodness they didn't get the info for mine...

By time we got home, we were ready to punch someone, namely those who had hacked our flipping account. But, after we calmed down, we realized we were blessed because we were going to deposit our monthly check yesterday, and *happened* to totally forget about it, which has never happened before. If we would have deposited it yesterday, it would have disappeared too, because our account was hacked this afternoon, and we would have been left with no rent money, which is due tomorrow. We were totally looked out for. Although, it doesn't make us want to punch the people who did it any less. ;-) Sigh. On the bright side, it's time to hit the sack! At least you can't mess up sleep - I hope!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Peach Creamsicles

So, I found this recipe today, and I can't wait to give it a whirl - Peach creamsicles!! I seriously can't wait! She has another recipe for a fruit ice pop too, you can find it here. This is the one I'm most excited to try though:

Peach Creamsicles
Makes: 6 ice pops
2 large peaches peeled
1/2 cup simple syrup
1/2 cup heavy cream, half and half, or whole milk
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1. Cut peach meat off the pit and place in a blender along with all the other ingredients.
2. Blend to desired consistency
3. Pour mixture into popsicle molds.
4. Freeze until frozen through.

I think it's time to make another trip to the fruit stands..

Back in the Grind

Well, it's back in the grind of things. School officially started today. Which means for me, waking up before the sun is up, and out the door before sunrise, when I would rather be in my cozy bed snuggling up to my handsome hubby. Sigh. Gotta love this whole school thingy. At least there's only a year left! As much as I love being on campus, I can't wait to graduate! Just think, next year at this time, I will have only three classes and four months left. Ahh. I like the sound of that.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Utah Peaches

August in Utah means one thing: peach season! I have been anxiously waiting for the local grower's stands to get their peaches, and this week they finally came! I couldn't resist going and buying a big box of Utah peaches. Not only were they absolutely gorgeous, they were also best peaches I've had in years. So ripe, sweet, and juicy that my first bite had juice running uncontrollably down my arms. Utah peaches are to die for! (I have already informed Mike that if we end up living here, we are going to have a few peach trees in our yard.)

I have been antsy to get started on canning peaches ever since we ran out last winter. Well, today I was able to get 24 bottles of those juicy beauties done! (Sadly leaving me an empty box.) The hard part is going to be waiting until peach season is done so we can dig in! Mike has already asked me to get another box and leave most of them for eating. ;-) Yum. Up next: peach cobbler, frozen peaches, peach pie, peach ice cream...why not have peaches in everything?
Here's the recipe I use for canning peaches. Keep in mind, Mike is a picky eater, and these are the only canned peaches he likes. Pretty sure when I open a jar, he has them downed within the day - including the juice! 

Spiced Canned Peaches
Medium syrup: yields 7 cups
3 1/4 cups sugar
5 cups water
3 cinnamon sticks
1 1/2 tsp whole allspice
3/4 tsp whole cloves

Peel peaches, cut in half and pit. Treat with Fruit Fresh to prevent darkening. Make a medium syrup by bringing all ingredients to a boil. Pack peaches cavity sixe down on top of one loose peach pit. Remove spices from syrup. Ladle hot syrup over peaches. Leave 1/2 inch headspace. Remove air bubbles. Adjust 2 piece lids. Process in water bath for 25 minutes for pint size jars, 30 minutes for quart size.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shooting Stars, Birds, and $9,550

This weekend we went up to Park City again with Mike's parents. It was a great getaway, as usual! Thursday night happened to be when the annual Perseid Meteor Shower was at its height. We were able to see meteors starting around 9:30, but all of us decided to wake up at 3:30, when it was peaking.  As we were walking to our chairs on the deck, I happened to forget there was a bird who decided to try to fly through the window, and was thus sitting on the deck DEAD. It didn't even cross my mind it was still there, until, *squish* and my exclamation of, "I JUST STEPPED ON THE BIRD!!" Since it was 3 am, Mike happened to find it downright hilarious. So hilarious he was crying from laughing so hard. (Mike's parent's got a laugh too when they heard us.) I've gotta admit though, I chuckled a little too in-between my exclamations of, "That was SO gross! EEEEEW!" Which, made Mike laugh even harder. I'm surprised he didn't fall out of his chair! Needless to say, the socks went in the trash, and I spent ten minutes cleaning and sanitizing my foot. Yes, sanitizing. I used hand sanitizer...on my foot.

The meteor shower was fun to watch, and gorgeous as always. I was a little bummed though because the glare from the lights of Park City in the valley made it to where you couldn't see as many meteors. We still saw tons, but not as many as I saw my sophomore year when I went on a triple date with a bunch of friends to watch the shower from the hot springs in American Fork canyon, which gave us an amazing show! It still amazed me though. I love stargazing!

Then, I some good news for today, ok some GREAT news! I got word from BYU that not only was I awarded a $5,550 Pell grant, but also and additional $4,000 SMART grant! So I guess being in a life science major AND having good grades/GPA pays off after all! So instead of paying for school this year, I'm actually getting paid to go to school! My award money from grants alone now totals $9,550! I like the sound of that! (This is one thing the government does right.) So, I have more incentive to keep raising my GPA up this semester! And to pull at least a B out of Physics at the very minimum - ew.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July Activities

These are long overdue! There's lots of them, so hope you're in for a picture overload!
David loves Transformers, but hasn't seen the second one, so we let him and Amanda watch it one evening (with us "editing" it for them of course), while Mike and I helped David transform all of his Transformer toys.
He was one happy kid!
Amanda and I went shopping, and came away with 18 shirts, 3 dresses, and 6 pairs of shoes for her! All for only $150. Dang. We are good.

Mike's last birthday present finally arrived while they were here. Amanda and David wanted to see him open them, so we had him open all but *one* of them. Mike was in heaven - books, Top Gun, and the Starcraft boardgame, and ahem...other, um, stuff. ;-)
Skyping with the family back home

They loved the pool!
They wanted to sleep out on our balcony, so I made them a comfy little bed, and they ended up sleeping out there three nights in a row, and loved it.
We took them to see their first 3D movie, Despicable Me

Troopers. Our first grocery run for Island Park - Costco. 
Stopping at Arby's in Tremonton for dinner on our way up to Island Park

Playing on the beach at the lake

Going out for an early-morning ride on the wakeboard. The water was PERFECT, although a little cold!
Fraser helping Amanda into the skis

Mike's younger brother, Dave. Somewhere in there..
Taking the catamaran out. This thing is SO much fun!
Mike out with his dad

So excited to go tubing
Not too long after this, they went flying. It was looking like David was going to go flying fully into the water, but he grabbed the tube at the last second, his bottom half dragging along in the water, and as we were going along at full speed, he suddenly just pulled himself back up into the tube while he was slipping and sliding all over! He never ceases to give everyone a good laugh.
Dave on the wakekite.
He loved skiing!
I was hoping I would finally get a picture of one of my jumps, but all the ones that were taken were right after I landed them.. Bummer. I did have two nasty crashes though! My first one I caught my front edge while I was landing, and the crash almost knocked me out.. I couldn't move for a second in the water I had hit so hard. And I killed my back. My second crash I landed, but lost balance when I hit a wave I didn't see coming, and hit the water so hard the board flew off my feet. And I REALLY screwed up my shoulder. Like bad. So bad I couldn't lift anything without almost screaming for over a week. But I still went out again, and didn't tell anyone what had happened until we got home. It still hurts almost four weeks later haha. Maybe one of these times I'll learn to actually say something whe I hurt myself! But my shoulder's not going to stop me from going out on the boat next week and doing the same crazy stuff. :-D I love the rush too much!

Ben was so excited to play Transformers with David
The two Davids playing volleyball
Playing on Mike's iPad
Abby LOVES oranges
While Sabrina and Rob were at the Playmill one evening, Sydney looked over at Tiffany and me while she was eating dinner and says, "My tooth is loose!" Sure enough, while she was eating dinner her tooth became loose and was barely hanging in! So, after she worked at it for a little bit, and got it bleeding a ton, and after she kept asking Sam to pull it, he did. Of course it had to happen while her parents were gone - but I got it all on video. :-) She was ecstatic to have the Tooth Fairy come that night!
Mike and Bella
Giving Uncle Mikee a high five after she went out on the skis
Ben's face = sheer terror.
Yummy. Love this man!
Cuddling Abby after I took *another* ride after my second crash. I never learn! Haha.
So we went to Mack's Inn Playhouse one evening to see 'Pirates of the Car-rib-be-an', and during the opening scene and I just about died. One of the guys in the play happened to be the same guy who sang our opening number at State Junior Miss four years ago! I leaned over to Mike and said, "That guy over there is Stephen! The same guy we danced with onstage for our opening number at State!" Idaho is a small, small world after all. During intermission, "Jack Sprat, the pirate who could eat no fat" told everyone who had an upcoming birthday to come up onstage. Well, we all got Mike to go up there needless to say. The best part was when "Jack Sprat" turned to Mike and asked him how old he was turning, Mike, in a monotone voice, and dead serious face, said, "13," totally taking the guy by surprise...he didn't know what to say back haha.
"I've got a funny feeling!!" ;-D Those who were there, understand.
Mike and I babysat Abby while everyone went on the boat. She LOVES the water, and we had a blast watching her!
Water baby
Getting ready to put her down for her nap
Dave and Tiff getting Alyssa ready to go on the boom
Bella's turn!

Grandpa letting Alyssa drive the boat

We had a blast, as always. We're looking forward to next summer already! Hopefully we'll make one more quick trip up there before school starts!