Sunday, June 27, 2010

PC Getaway

Mike and I decided to escape the ninety-plus degree heat in Orem this weekend. So, we went up to the Park City cabin with his parents.  As always it was gorgeous, fun and relaxing! We were able to go to the Olympic park Friday afternoon and do the alpine slide and zipline. We were going to do the bobsled but we ran out of time, so we'll go back later and do it!
A model of the Night Train
They were training a bunch of little kids for aerials
The ski jumps with the zip lines running down from the top of the mountain
Riding the lift to the top we were able to watch athletes do some jumps
Up at the top waiting for the alpine slide
Mike's dad cruising down to the bottom. Neither he nor Mike put the brake on the whole way down. I did once or twice, just barely (it was my first time).
Mike and me coming down the zipline cruising at 55 mph. Super fun!!
Coming in for the landing
Can't wait to do it again!
After a long day of yard work Saturday, we treated ourselves to watching the sunset over the valley in the hot tub. :-)
Another fun and relaxing weekend in the bag!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Reunion and Father's Day

It has been a super busy, but super fun weekend! Mike's family had a reunion up at Sundance, so we were able to go up there for a few days and spend some time with the whole family. It was a blast!
Some of us took a lift ride before dinner Thursday. Gorgeous views, but it took an hour to get to the top and back since they had it on slow. It was kinda fun riding it down though - certainly a different feel!
Stewart Falls from the lift
Riding Back
Alyssa and Bella spent both nights with us at our cabin! They wanted Mike to read them Toy Story on his iPad.
Abby chilling while Bella and Alyssa play on the iPad with Mike
She turned around and climbed over both of the girls to push her way in to check out what they were playing on
Pretty sure we're buds!
Some scenic pics

Chilling by the stream while everyone is taking pictures. We had just got up from taking a two hour nap back at the cabin. Most everyone had gone rafting down the Provo river that morning and had a blast! We were in the raft with Mike's four super awesome aunts. There were three rafts, and by time the trip was done, we were all soaking wet from those class five rapids. I think we all almost fell out of the raft at one point! ;-) Actually, we all got in a water fight, complete with us all filling up water bottles in the river and throwing them on the other rafts, and the guides splashing everyone with their oars. Somehow Mike and I managed to stay relatively dry, that is until Kari got Penny, Debbie, and Brenda to turn on us right as we were getting ready to climb out at the end. Thanks guys! Haha.
Walk like and Egyptian
Bella singing and dancing to a HSM song
Ben and Grandpa Bullock

So, Sunday morning as we were walking out of the cabin, Mike's dad told us he had an "urge" to drive the Volvo, so we better drive his car. Hmm. Let us think about that because it's a hard one. OKAY!
Looking pretty suave!

Gorgeous day, gorgeous hubby, gorgeous car. Can life get any better? I submit it cannot! ;-)

It is one AMAZING ride! Mike was in heaven driving, and I was having a blast riding in it! Thanks for letting us drive it back dad!

We were also able to go to Sacrament with Mike's grandparents and some of the family before everyone took off. 

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there! I'm so lucky to have a wonderful dad and father-in-law! They do so much for us and we're so grateful for everything they do! We wouldn't be here today without them. My dad has been and continues to be someone I look up to. I've always appreciated how hard he works to support the family and for everything he does and for how much he loves the Gospel, my mom, and for how much he honors his Priesthood. He is a pretty great man! I'm also very grateful for Mike's dad, Fraser, not only for how hard he works and for everything he has done for us, but also for raising such an amazing son who I feel so blessed to have married. I couldn't ask for more righteous, hard-working, and loving men for dads! Love you both!

Mike isn't half bad either. ;-) He is certainly my better half and I wouldn't be complete without him. I could go on and on over the reasons why I love him, but it's a never-ending list! He will definitely make one *great* dad someday. I love you babe!

This next week is going to be a busy and fun one! Work, school, and Park City! Hopefully we'll be able to get over to the Olympic park and to the zip line and alpine slide, and maybe the bobsled. Should be fun! 

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I think it's about time I just do a post of some of the things I've been grateful for lately:
Mike - he is absolutely amazing! LoVe HiM!!
Our apartment
The Gospel
Friends - new and old!
Our country
The Atonement
Aloe Vera and Lidocaine! (I got SUPER sunburned on Monday after being outside for 3 hours - I'm still red and blistering! It was so bad earlier in the week I couldn't wear a shirt for four days. Come to find out it was on the worse end of a first degree burn. Way to go me for forgetting to put on the sunscreen!)
Cuddling with Mike - we missed not being able to do this for a few days due to my sunburn
Being able to spend an entire afternoon/evening with one of my best friends from high school this weekend (More to come on that!!)
Gorgeous sunny days
Being able to watch sunsets over Utah Lake from our balcony
Our "garden"
Our ward
So so so much more too! Life is ~fabulous~!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long Post, Lots of Pictures

 Today has been a super fun day! We were able to go to our nephew's birthday party this morning, which was really fun. We enjoyed hanging out with family! And, watching Ben do the whole birthday thing - that kid is adorable! Mike and I had so much fun shopping for him today. We seriously wanted to buy the whole store for him haha. (What are we ever going to do once kids roll around?!?) We are glad we live close to Mike's family and are able to be part of these things.
Ben and part of his entourage
Eating lunch - hot dogs and chips, at Ben's request!
Sydney in her first outfit change

It was hilarious watching presents! A bunch of little boys SUPER excited over everything - especially anything Toy Story related. I could barely get in to get a picture of Ben because they were nothing but a solid huddle the entire time.
Checking out one of the presents - they could launch this stick up into the air
Camera shy? I think not!
Putting together a Lego set

When we got home we just chilled for a few hours, had dinner, went and took Mike's grandpa dinner, and then hit up the pool. I love, love, love our complex! It's great how everyone is so social - it's almost a guarantee you will run into someone you know at the pool! Not to mention, we are finally starting to look the way we want to for summer!
Love my new suit and cover-up!
Yeah, he's pretty hott! :-D

Last weekend we were also able to go to a friend's wedding reception, which was fun. Mike was roommates with Zach in Alpine Village when we were dating. Hopefully we'll be able to double with them when things calm down a little! We also ran into Ana Lee, and she and I were able to do a girl's day on Monday, which included hitting up the mall, and then going to Zupa's for lunch - the perfect afternoon! ;-)
Now comes the CrAzY part of summer! Work, Island Park next weekend (if the weather is good), Bullock family reunion the next, Fourth of July, Polatis family reunion, Island Park again, Mike's Birthday, and of course tons of wakeboarding! Not to mention I need to find time in-between everything to get scuba certified (ASAP - anyone know a good place in Utah county? Gotta do this before Hawaii!!), and learn how to golf! It's gonna be a fun one! Oh, and if anyone has tried to call/text me, sorry I haven't gotten back to you! I know a ton of people have tired to get in touch with me this week! We're switching carriers, so we deactivated my cell and are using Mike's until I can decide on a new phone! ;-) So if you need me, call Mike's cell!!