Sunday, September 6, 2009

More wakeboarding!

Earlier this week we were able to go out on the boat on Utah Lake with Mike's parents after we were done with classes. It was such a nice break! I am finally getting my carving down better, as well as the pre-cursor stuff to jumping! Can't wait till I finally am able to get my timing down so I can clear the wake!
On our way
First run
Carving on the wake

Dave and his amazing jump with the wakekite!
Mike figuring out the kite
We hope we can make it out a few more times before the season ends! We have had a blast this year going! Not to mention it's a great break from school and homework!
Dave doing jumps with the kite. Not his highest ones that day, but still pretty nice!

August Island Park Trip

So, here are pictures from when we went up to Island Park two weeks before school started! This trip was much more enjoyable and relaxing for us than the last trip! :) We love going up there! My family was able to come up for a day again. This time the weather was MUCH better and we were able to spend most of the time out on the boat teaching the kids how to ski and wakeboard!

The cabin
Sydney watching Sabrina ski
Fraser skiing
Love him!
Getting Syd into the skis

Teaching David
Mike trying to get his timing down while using the board that was too short for him. (We didn't have the other board with us - Dave had it in Colorado.)
Working on my technique
Giving David a few tips for the skis
There he goes!
We can't wait to go up there again! Hopefully I'll be jumping next time too! And, of course I can't wait to try out the wakekite!