Thursday, July 23, 2009


So, I loved the last half of So You Think You Can Dance last night. Probably because they had the best dance I have ever seen performed on the show. EVER. Melissa and Ade's dance was amazing. It was about a girl battling breast cancer. This really hit close to home with Mike and me, and by time it was done, we were in each other's arms crying, absolutely speechless. (At the beginning of the dance, we weren't even sitting on the same couch!) It made me realize how lucky I am he is even here! I am so grateful he is such a fighter. This dance portrays the battle anyone who experiences cancer goes through perfectly. All Mike could say when it was done for a while is, "It's been nine years. Nine years." I love him and am so glad he fought to the end, even when things looked grim.

You can watch Melissa and Ade's dance here.

Another dance was one from two weeks ago, with Kayla and Kupono. This also hit close to home for me in many ways. I couldn't help but think of some of my own family members who have had to battle their own unique addictions and conquer them. You can watch their dance here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Energizer Bunny

It's official. David is the energizer bunny. Really, he is. Here's what we did yesterday..We woke up around 7:30 so we could get hiking Y Mountain before it got too hot. He has been wanting to do this for a while, so I figured may as well get it done while he is visiting! He was a little groggy still, but as soon as we began hiking, he perked right up. It didn't take long for him to start panting though! I was doing just fine keeping up with him, until we hit the 5th switchback. Then it was like someone flipped the 'on' switch with him! I've made it to the top of the Y before in about 20 minutes, which was rough, but I forgot how much I don't like this particular hike! When we got to the 8th switchback, we could finally see the Y. At this point, David was thinking we were never going to make it, but as soon as he saw it, he bagged taking any more breaks, and as if he wasn't going fast enough, he went faster! I could barely get him to stop to take a picture! Two switchbacks later though, we made it to the base of the Y. He told me he didn't want to go to the top, but that lasted a whole ten seconds! Before I knew it, he was on his way up! He was going so fast once again I could barely keep up with him! When we reached the top, he was barely out of breath. I, on the other hand, was panting like a dog, had a red face, complete with sweat dripping down my forehead! I forgot how much energy little kids have!I was ready to take a breather, but heaven forbid that David did! After we took a picture and he sat down for what seemed like only ten seconds, he was already on his way down! My legs started shaking so bad I told him he needed to call mom and tell her he had already made it to the top - 45 minutes to the top for an eight year old isn't too shabby! Ten minutes later, we were at the parking lot. Me with a beet-red, sweaty face, while David hadn't even cracked a sweat! He seemed pretty proud of himself though when he looked up the mountain and saw how far he had hiked!
He was a little hungry, so we decided to do ice cream, even though it was only 10:30 in the morning. :) On our way to Sub-Zero, we stopped by the stadium to get a picture of him in front of Coug. Well, as luck would have it, they were setting up for Stadium of Fire inside, so I was able to take him in the stadium so he could see how big it really is. As soon as we walked out of the portal, his eyes got REALLY big. He just stood there for a second just absorbing everything, in complete awe. Of course, there were stars in his eyes too! On our way out of the stadium, I asked if he liked it, and he responded, "I hope I play here someday!" To be honest, I hope he does too! Well, Sub-Zero happened to be closed, so we went with plan B: BYU Creamery Ice Cream at the Wilk. He devoured it! We also hit up the bookstore to see if there was anything he wanted, and then of course had to take pictures with him beside anything BYU related as we were walking around! (You've got to start the brainwashing early, you know!!) On our way home, we made our campus tour complete by stopping at the Creamery to get some vanilla ice cream for Mike (It's his favorite, and he's missed out on a lot because he's been sick, so we wanted him to feel a little better!). Once we got home, I was ready to crash, even though it was only noon! I thought David was going to as well, but nooooo.. He wanted to go swim! So, I managed to pull myself out there, and swim with him until 3. David finally crashed at 5, but even then only slept a few minutes! Seriously, this kid had 9 total hours of sleep in two days, and all he did was take a 30 minute nap to recharge! He just keeps going, and going, and going!

After dinner, he and Mike played a little on the Xbox, then Mike went to bed around 9. David and I stayed up until 11 just enjoying each other, playing Uno, Sequence, coloring, and more. I even pulled the little two year old out of him again by getting him to sing along to songs on my iPod! He NEVER does this, especially since he is entering the stage where he is 'too cool' for it! So, I enjoyed every minute of it! Even when he was getting ready I could hear him humming! After he sang along to a few more songs, I got him to go to bed, but as I was climbing into my own bed, I could hear him humming himself to sleep. I couldn't help but smile. That was just how I have him frozen in my mind! This little kid who loves singing, is on perfect pitch, and will do that for hours on end. I hope he does it again tonight! You never know I guess with this little Energizer Bunny!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A David Weekend

David is finally here to stay four days with us! He rode the shuttle into the SLC airport, and I picked him up, came home, and then went to Seven Peaks with Sabrina and her kids! We had so much fun! David kept me busy though! He is a fish straight out of water. Seriously. He was more work than Ben and Sydney combined! (I know because Sabrina and I took Ben and Syd to Cowabunga Bay yesterday, and it was relaxing compared to today!) It was a ton of fun though!David's favorite was the Wave Pool. I could barely get him out of it to go try out the slides and other pools! Even then, I could only get him to go down one of the smaller slides...bummer. I was hoping he would at least try the easiest of the fast slides (aka the yellow one). Maybe next time. This was his first time at a waterpark so I think he was on overload and wasn't sure where to go or what to do!! We ran into two of our aunts and a bunch of our cousins, which we haven't seen in a few years, so that was fun! I wasn't planning on running into them today - in fact, it was one of the last things I would have expected! Especially since our cousins live in Cali! Well, the rain ruined our fun. Plus, it got cold, and the kids were ready to come home. So, David and I made a Subway run, (yes, I actually had Subway...I can't remember the last time I went there!) and came home. Mike has had a terrible sore throat, and was still a little under the weather this morning, so didn't come to Seven Peaks with us. So, he set up the Xbox for David, and that's all that he has been doing ever since! It's been fun having Davey here though! He wants to hike the Y tomorrow morning and then go to the BYU bookstore. I don't think he realizes how steep that hike is! Haha. Oh well! We'll still try it out! Although, I'm not looking forward to panting all the way up that mountain again! I'll let ya know how it goes!